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Cucusoft PSP Converter Suite Box

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Price: $29.95

Cucusoft DVD to PSP Converter

As a PSP owner, have you ever met with difficulties when you want to convert DVD to PSP? The Cucusoft DVD to PSP Converter can help solve your problems. This best DVD to PSP Converter can not only convert any kind of DVD to PSP, but also conduct the conversion with very high speed. The traditional way to convert DVD to PSP requires users to convert DVD to avi first and then convert avi to PSP, which is a waste of time and relatively complex for new users. If you use best DVD to PSP converter, you only need one step to complete the DVD to PSP conversion by just clicking the button. It is amazing to experience the fantastic speed.

Besides, Best DVD to PSP Converter offers users to customize their output video files easily and conveniently; for instance,users can adjust the size and quality of the output videos, select subtitle and audio track, and upload videos to PSP via PSP Video manager,etc.

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Key Features

Convert DVD to PSP
The main function of this best DVD to PSP Converter is to help you convert your DVD files to PSP video and audio files directly. It is easy to convert DVD to PSP MP4, DVD to PS3 MP4, even DVD to PSP H.264 (.mp4), PS3 AVI etc.Since there is no use to convert DVD to avi, avi to PSP, the best DVD to PSP Converter can really save your time and energy.

Running Modes
"Direct Mode", "Batch Mode' and "1 Click Mode" are included. "1 Click Mode" which is designed for dummies refers to that the best DVD to PSP Converter users just need to click their mouse to open the DVD, the PSP converter will continue to do the rest tasks automatically.

Supporting formats
Almost all kinds of DVD can be converted to PSP Movie/Video format. MPEG-4, H.264/PSP AVC encoding and decoding are also supported by this PSP converter.

Editing Functions
Users can crop videos to various modes for example, 16:9, 4:3, full screen etc. Also they can split output videos by DVD chapters and customize output video files at will.

Supporting Multilanguage
The Best DVD to PSP Converter supports multilanguage; users can select Subtitle and Audio Track on DVD menu by choosing the language they want to use. For example: English Subtitle, French Subtitle...

DVD to MP3 Function
DVD to MP3 audio conversion and Dolby, DTS Surround audio track are supported by this best DVD to PSP Converter.

Software requirements:
Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 7, etc.; DirectX 8.0 or later

Hardware requirements:
MMX-enhanced CPU or more powerful; 32 MB RAM or more;Any VGA card